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Feng Shui works with the flow of Chi, the universal life force that reminds us of the connected nature of all things. For thousands of years, the Chinese have studied what happens to energy as it flows through a space.  They discovered a predictable pattern between different areas in your home or workplace and different aspects of your life.

The bagua is a map used to determine the placement of these 9 Life Areas in a space.
When it is properly placed and enhanced, your life begins to manifest harmony, balance, realization of goals, and good fortune!

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The bagua is positioned according to the “mouth of chi”.  In your home this is your front door…even if you use another entrance or come in from the garage more often. This space can be, not only your home or workplace, but also an individual room, desk, bed, car, table, or land. 

Feng Shui is based on the principle that Everything is Energy.  For example, the only difference between you and your home is simply the make-up of the energy!  To help you envision this scientific fact in a fun way, I call this energy CHI DOTS™…think millions of “dots” alive with energy everywhere…just like pixels in the digital picture on your television.

This leads us to another principle of Feng Shui; Your Space Reflects Your Life.  Your home and workplace respond to your physical and emotional state.  They are powerful active forces in your life constantly responding to your intentions…affecting you just as you affect them.  WHY? Because your body and your environment are constantly exchanging CHI DOTS™!

When you align yourself with the natural energy patterns of the universe, things flow more smoothly. By creating the balance and harmony found in nature, in your home and working environments, it provides ways to bring you peace, abundance, and productivity.

Thousands of years old, Feng Shui has been used extensively in all Eastern cultures. Recently finding its way to the West, we are benefiting from its remarkable life enhancing and problem solving powers.

ChiDOTS - Alive in Feng Shui

Feng Shui can change your life. CHI DOTS™ offers services to raise the quality of energy in your home, office and clothing. When the bagua is properly placed and enhanced, your space begins to have harmony and balance, attracting wealth, improved relationships, career goals, health and good fortune!

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