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Karen Hollingsworth - Feng Shui Expert
It’s been said that most people will have three major careers in their life.  It feels like it took a long time, down a winding path, to becoming a certified Feng Shui Consultant.

Along the road there were many detours…as a travel agent working my way through college then opening my own agency at age 26.  In a few years realizing that was “not what I wanted to be when I grew up”, and then following a passion for nature and wildlife.  After a few twists and turns, taking a leap of faith and becoming a nationally known freelance wildlife photographer. 

Careers that took me down fascinating and very rewarding paths for many years, gaining invaluable experiences and talents that help me to be a truly unique Feng Shui Consultant today.

I’m not sure where I first heard about Feng Shui, but when I did it hit me like a lightening bolt…a blast of Energy…after all that is what Feng Shui is all about…the flow and transformation of Energy or Ch’i.  I instantly knew that proficiency in this ancient practice was a natural for me. 

It certainly has become the most fulfilling and personally rewarding of all my “careers”.  It is where the winding path was leading me all along…

Karen Hollingsworth

Leaving your mark on life: To "chop" something, generally a legal document or a work of art, you first press the seal into a red ink pad and then, carefully, onto paper.

This chop says “Karen”.  I had it made on a recent trip to China.

The chop or seal is one of the oldest, most used, and yet smallest of Chinese artifacts. Both artistic and pragmatic, the Chinese chop has been around since the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 B.C.).

For business purposes, the chop serves as a person's signature and when stamped in red ink is legally binding in all business matters.  A person need not be present to sign a business deal as long as his or her chop is there.

On the other hand, if the person is present but has forgotten the chop, business cannot be conducted. This practice is due to the fact that names carved in wood or stone reflect the unique methods and tools of the carver, and are more difficult to imitate.



ChiDOTS - Alive in Feng Shui

Feng Shui can change your life. CHI DOTS™ offers services to raise the quality of energy in your home, office and clothing. When the bagua is properly placed and enhanced, your space begins to have harmony and balance, attracting wealth, improved relationships, career goals, health and good fortune!

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