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As a certified Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator, I call my program  WEAR YOUR CHI™ …a cornerstone for CHANGING YOUR LIFE and FULFILLING YOUR POTENTIAL

We are energetic beings.  Therefore, by applying the energies of Nature’s 5 Elements, you can be guided to a deeper understanding of your own Personal Energies…

Honor your Whole Self …

Your Spirit  (essential)...
the “who” that makes you, YOU

Your Mind (intentional)…
what you have “in mind” to do or be

Your Body (visual)…
dress to look your best

Your wardrobe becomes a melding of all that you are and all that you wish to be.

  • Is your wardrobe functional?

  • Does it support your desired lifestyle?

Connect with the people you meet, places you go and pastimes you pursue.

  • Do your clothes align with the current you?

  • When is the last time you made changes to: Your self? Your personal style? Your living or working environments?

When you change, you align yourself with the energy of the moment, so should your clothing.

Nature is in a constant state of change. You witness it in the cycles of seasons and the waxing and waning of the moon.

  • How do your clothes make you feel?

  • Do some of your clothes drag your energy down (like a "ball and chain")?

  • Do some lift it up (like a balloon)?

  • How do you think they affect your life?

Remember…the state of your surroundings affects your state of mind.  Memories and associations make your wardrobe come alive—make sure they are all positive ones. Wear only clothes that make your heart sing!

Is your wardrobe in a state of disorganization or dis-repair…could it be manifesting the same in your life? Your wardrobe should be in ideal condition, if you expect your life to be!

WEAR YOUR CHI™ and “elevate what was once a mundane routine to a mindful ritual, so that getting dressed becomes easy, fun and empowering!”

CONTACT KAREN for a personal or group consultation!

Adapted from Evana Maggiore/Fashion Feng Shui®.
Fashion Feng Shui® is a trademark of Fashion Feng Shui International


ChiDOTS - Alive in Feng Shui

Feng Shui can change your life. CHI DOTS™ offers services to raise the quality of energy in your home, office and clothing. When the bagua is properly placed and enhanced, your space begins to have harmony and balance, attracting wealth, improved relationships, career goals, health and good fortune!

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